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Introducing SHI's next-generation cloud at VMworld 2011

At SHI, we have a long history of developing solutions that deliver lower costs and greater business agility for customers. Today's announcement falls in line with this tradition of innovation -- we launched the SHI industrial-grade cloud from the floor of VMworld 2011. The SHI cloud offers organizations a new way to use the software and hardware we've delivered for 20 years as a trusted VAR, and ushers in a new era for SHI and its customers.

The decision to take on the cloud wasn't one we made quickly. My team spent years examining cloud computing models and weighing where IT was headed. We found that next-generation cloud computing was a logical extension of SHI's current business. We're selling servers, networking tools, storage products, and software -- all the components that our customers need to build their infrastructure. Our cloud solution allows us to do all that assembly work hand-in-glove with our customers, saving them money and time. This technology delivers not only software, but also entire infrastructures through the cloud.

What's great about SHI's next-generation cloud is that it allows us to be infinitely scalable. If the customer needs a huge amount of computing power, whether long term or short term, they can tap into that additional computing as needed and then shut it down as their needs change. It's flexible, it's scalable, and it's pay-as-you-go.

Beyond that, SHI is equipped to manage software licensing and IT asset management on behalf of customers, an area that is becoming much more complex and more difficult for customers to navigate.

We issued a press release with all the details about SHI's secure, high-performing, industrial-grade cloud. Keep reading for all the details. And if you're at VMworld in Las Vegas this week, be sure to visit us at booth #331!

SHI Unveils High-Performance, Industrial-Grade Cloud at VMworld® 2011

$3B legacy VAR takes cloud computing to a higher level

LAS VEGAS and PISCATAWAY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today at VMworld® 2011, SHI International Corp., one of North America's top 20 largest IT solutions providers, introduced the SHI Cloud, a next generation infrastructure-as-a-service offering solely designed for IT organizations. The SHI Cloud combines best-of-breed technologies to create the most secure, high-performance, and industrial-grade cloud offering with private/dedicated, managed, or multi-tenant options.

"Organizations have been asking for more than the consumer-grade solutions offered by the myriad of vendors in the cloud space," says Thai Lee, President and CEO of SHI. "The vast majority of IT managers interested in the benefits of cloud computing-cost savings, business agility, disaster recovery, and right-sizing on demand don't want to rebuild all of their applications just to take advantage of enterprise-capable solutions. Today, SHI is introducing the first solution that is a logical, transparent extension of an organization's infrastructure that doesn't require replacing existing systems. The SHI Cloud can provision servers, storage, and networking bandwidth to create VMs on demand. Working together with technology from partners including VMware, the SHI Cloud is free to utilize the industry's best-available technology in a truly unique cloud offering to our clients."

"VMware is pleased that SHI has selected VMware technology to play such a large role in their own Cloud Center, and we are excited that they chose VMworld® 2011 as the venue to announce it," said Dan Chu, Vice President, Cloud Infrastructure and Services, VMware.

For customers who wish to deploy a "hybrid cloud," SHI offers Managed Private Cloud to help customers accelerate their private cloud requirements. SHI will place a vCore inside the customer's data center, manage it remotely, and bill it as a service based on monthly consumption of VMs. Customers can then implement cloud disaster recovery and capacity bursting out to SHI's Cloud Center, as required.

To understand how robust the SHI Cloud is, you need to dive into the technical specifications of the offerings:
  • Security: Load it up, lock it down. The SHI Cloud offers both structural security and layered security. SHI places virtual machines on the client's network, creating a VLAN extension to a specific segment of their network the customer has identified. Once that's happened, SHI can no longer access the virtual machine beyond what's necessary for management and maintenance. SHI also provides for complete encryption of all data at rest so no outsider can access it, even SHI system administrators. The SHI Cloud provides virtual and physical firewalls as part of a multi-layered approach to security, as well as, a third-party security partner that monitors for possible intrusions and notifies both SHI and its customers in real-time if one is detected.
  • High-performance: High-powered partners provide ultimate performance. The SHI Cloud uses best-in-breed hardware and software, including products from VMware, HP, Solutionary, Cisco, McAfee, and Intel, which provide a significant edge in performance. The bandwidth both inside and outside the data center is significant. Fiber and Ethernet Channels have been virtualized to create a fabric that is 4x the physical capacity and enables simple manipulation to move bandwidth as required for performance. Beyond basic IPsec VPN connections, SHI offers high speed MPLS connections, as well as, local metro high speed connections via SHI's private DWDM over SONET and Metro Ethernet over DWDM rings. SHI also maintains a very low over-subscription rate on CPUs. The industry standard over-subscription rate is 5:1, while SHI's is just 2:1. This means much more power per customer. 
  • Industrial-grade: Reinforced and ready for anything. SHI's technology and network connectivity meet high standards for technology resiliency, physical resiliency, and external network resiliency, a requirement of any enterprise moving to the cloud. SHI's data centers are completely redundant with no single points of failure. They are also all tier-three-plus, featuring dual grid power, dual UPS, and dual diesel generators. The SHI Cloud is attached to two entirely separate SONETs, and two redundant network feeds should one ever go down. From facility, to hardware, to key software technologies like VMware vSphere® High Availability and Fault Tolerance features, the SHI Cloud is designed to provide the levels of availability required by enterprise applications.
"Other vendors claim to offer "mission-critical" cloud computing, but when you drill into what that really means, they're talking about custom consulting services that increase the total cost of ownership and require timelines that stretch as long as 18 months or more -- the SHI Cloud is nothing of the sort," said Henry Fastert, SHI's Chief Technologist and head of their Enterprise Solutions Services division. "Within days, a client's IT infrastructure can be logically extended to the cloud, providing transparency, security, and ease of use to the organization and its clients. Even better, we provide customers with their own web-based control panel, allowing self-service management, including provisioning and de-provisioning of their cloud, using the self-service portal."

IT leaders, press, and bloggers are encouraged to visit the SHI exhibit at VMworld 2011 (booth #331), which features 900 sq. ft. of resources, expertise, and information about this breakthrough cloud computing solution. Visitors can climb up to stadium seating to see rolling presentations throughout the day, check out live demos of virtual machine set up, and see the actual SHI Service Core that powers the SHI cloud in person. Swipe your VMworld 2011 identification card for a chance to win one of two 65-inch Panasonic LCD TVs and one of eight Apple iPad 2s.

In addition to appearing in our booth, SHI's Chief Technologist, Henry Fastert and Principal of Cloud Market Development, Sal Bruno, will discuss Mission Critical Applications and Cloud during a breakout session on Wednesday, August 31 at 2:30 p.m. in room SPO3965. In addition, SHI's CEO, Thai Lee, Lead Partners Richard Taggart and Richard Place, and Henry Fastert, along with two SHI cloud customers, will participate in a panel discussion regarding the same subject: Mission Critical Applications and Cloud. This breakout session will take place on Tuesday, August 30 at 11:10 a.m. in the Solution Exchange Theater (Exhibitor Main Floor).

For more information about the SHI Cloud, visit www.shicloud.com or contact Cloud@shi.com.

About SHI
Founded in 1989, SHI International Corp. is a $3 billion+ global provider of technology products and services. Driven by the industry's most experienced and stable sales force and backed by software volume licensing experts, hardware procurement specialists, and certified IT services professionals, SHI delivers custom IT solutions to Corporate, Enterprise, Public Sector, and Academic customers. With over 1,700 employees worldwide, SHI is the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the U.S. and is ranked 19th among Everything Channel's VAR 500 list of North American IT solution providers. For more information, visit http://www.shi.com.

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